Famous City Retail Network, Inc. 

Company and Business Overview

Famous City Retail Network, Inc. (FCRN) doing business as “Famous City Stores,” part of the Infinite Executive Group’s Family, is a one of a kind, unique home goods superstore and retail investment firm. 

A Retail Experience

Famous City is opening new stores in several major U.S. markets. Famous City is not just any store, Famous City is a retail experience for all types of consumers. The senior management of Famous City have successfully operated several retail brands and stores across a diverse array of  retail categories throughout the U.S. for more than 18 years. FCRN is the product of over 22 Art, Antiques, Collectible Stores, and Home Goods stores merging into a powerhouse & well funded retail network.

A Unique Department SuperStore 

In a time when retail stores and chains, including many major legacy and luxury brands, are closing, Famous City intends to bring the fun experience back to retail. You will most likely not find elsewhere the array of merchandise Famous City sells which is intended to cater to local, regional, state, national, and even international  customers. Famous City prides itself on bringing a unique catalogue of merchandise to all of our shoppers.



Infinite Commerce dba Famous City Retail Network is expanding its business operations to Central and South Florida. We are opening an over 60,000 sf retail big box store in January 2021. Stay tuned!

Famous City Showroom

Quality Brand Name Furniture, Home Décor, Art, Collectibles, Antiques, New and Mid Century Modern pieces, Appliances, Musical Instruments, Vintage Collectible, New and Used books, Furniture Art Showcase, and many more! 

A Unique Business Concept 

Famous City Store is a retail experience for all families. Our stores are designed to make shopping fun again! When shoppers enter a Famous City Store they will see that we literally make our BIG BOX (30,000 to 100,000 sf) stores into an indoor city and an international marketplace. Each store has over 30 departments and many retail categories. Shoppers can take a walk down memory lane, or browse estate art pieces as they walk through Artwork Blvd. The Artwork BLVD department has a themed background of Paris and Rome. Shoppers will be able to walk down Marketplace Ave and see retail departments come to life. Customers that appreciate books, antiques, or collectibles will be able to visit the Antique Trading Post department which has a theme of the Wild Wild West.

With over 30 departments and over 100 retail categories it’s like an amazon of products at a Famous City Store. We partner with many of the worlds luxury and quality furniture brands. We believe in giving our shoppers the best bargains for quality merchandise.

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Amazon Proof Business

In today’s retail and commercial real estate environment, just having a good business idea is not enough. Most landlords and real estate firms require a business to be AMAZON PROOF. This means you have to have a business model that will ensure many years of viable business revenue, and resulting tax revenue, without the worry of being sidelined by Amazon. Famous City is confident that we will fill a UNIQUE retail need with our unique concept of of new quality designer furniture to sell as good values and our unique one of a kind estate pieces of antiques, art, decor, and collectibles, that Amazon does not service. It is a concept built on marketing in both local and regional markets, but also via e-commerce, in national and international markets.

Power Of The Network: Through FCRN partnerships with Estate Sale firms, Art Galleries, and through business mergers, FCRN now has a combined buying power and a unique merchandise catalogue valued at over 35 million dollars and counting.

Coming to TV

Famous City FLIP Television show

One of Famous City’s unique departments features quality estate items such as antique furniture, mid-century modern pieces, and unique “Furniture Art.”  One of the departments at a Famous City Store specifically restores antique furniture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and turns it by restoration into “Furniture Art.” Several television stations have offered Famous City the opportunity to broadcast television programs on several major Cable networks several nights per week. As soon as Famous City Stores are open, we want these television programs on to be on Cable TV and Dish Network. We expect to broadcast to over 8 million homes. We have hired several producers to help us film the program that will feature our “Furniture Art,” and will be called: “Famous City Flip”. We expect the television program to help educate consumers on antiques, furniture restoration, do it-yourself projects, and ultimately drive traffic to our stores and hosting communities.

A preview of one of our Furniture Art Showcase pieces.
A preview of one of our Furniture Art Showcase pieces.
A preview of one of our Furniture Art Showcase pieces.
CUSTOM FINISH – Hand Painted French Country Design Antique Blue Buffet
From New Furniture, to Antique Furniture, to unique Art and Home Décor, we’ve got it all!

Famous City Store


Making shopping a unique and fun experience again!

Watch Soon

Famous City Flip TV currently in production.

Our Markets

Dallas Texas, Northern New Jersey, Southern California, Central and South Florida, Chicagoland.

Looking for Sales and On Air Talent

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors, On Air Sales Talent, and other local office reps in Chicagoland. Contact us at: Connect@FamousCitystore.com and ask to speak with Stephen’s office assistant.